Altra 2017

Any of you like to swim? I love it. Well, no. No,  I do not love swimming. Once upon a time I loved swimming. Then I became a lifeguard. Testing pool water and attempting to keep it balanced is enough to gross out most any swimmer who puts their face in the pool and (as anyone who swims will know) drinks (or attempts to spit out) water every few strokes. But I’ve taken to the pool the last 3 weeks in an attempt to let my left foot heal. I didn’t run for 14days straight and now I’m only running some, swimming lots. It’s mental strength training, swimming. I’ve touched the tip of the iceberg on the grossness (trust me, there is a giant iceberg of gross, plunging beneath the surface of the pool water) of swimming. So to mentally know what I’m letting into my facial orifices is already a mental game. Then there are the laps. The pool I swim in is ~32 laps (there and back is a lap) to the mile. That’s a lot of counting. More tedious then treadmills or long distance track running, where someone (something) else is tracking your distance. My go to workout is to swim 70 laps (in about 65 mins- I’m not fast in the pool), then pool run 4-8 laps (without a belt), dolphin kick 2-4 laps then swim 10-20 laps hard as I can. This is a lot of laps. Every so often (normally in the 30’s) I lose count of my laps. It’s easy to do. Just zone out a bit, and BAMB! Was that lap 34 or 39!?!? I always go with the lower lap number when this happens. It’s an exercise in mindfulness and staying present, which is also another form of mental strength training. The swimming truly feels good. My arms get tired. I feel more oxygen deprived in the pool then on a run, and my heart gets to work a bit harder. I try to focus on different pieces of the stroke as I swim. Some laps, its the flick of the wrist on the up, just before the arm comes out of the water. Other times it’s the stretch of the arm on the down stroke, using the abdominal muscles to reach and slightly roll the body. I do love to swim. Not like I love to run though. Which brings me to the point of this post.

I am beyond excited to announce that I have been chosen as an Ambassador for Altra in 2017. When I received the email, I wanted to cry. I have felt like such a loser this year with my running. Not in my brain, but in my heart. I know I can do better and I want to try for more. Having Altra select me and want to offer me support in the year to come is humbling and encouraging. Even if I’m not racing right now, I will be at local races to offer support and encouragement to all the athletes there. One of my favorite things about ultra running are the people who do these events. Everyone has goals and a story. Goals vary and can be personal. Goals often have nothing to do with winning a race.

I know I am on the mend. Nothing is broken, but without an MRI I can not know how long this injury will take to heal 100%. But I am healing. Until I am all the way healed, I’ll keep doing what I can to stay fit, healthy and happy. If I heal up fast, I’ll be at Rocky Raccoon in February. In my Torins and ready to race. Actually, I’ll be there to support and help out if I’m not racing. Fingers crossed I get to race though! The hubby wants a rematch- Rabbers vs Rabbette.


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