Bandera 2015

I’ve really dragged my feet with writing this. It’s like, what can I write? I ran 42.something miles and called it a day.

The why? My tummy went bad. I made 2 potty stops in the trees between miles 31 and 36.5 and then another one before dropping at Chapas. I do not regret dropping, AT ALL! No part of me wanted to poop my pants or expose myself to anyone out in the field sections or on the sisters. It just wasn’t my race to run and I am ok with that.

What was  learned? Talking to Roy (USATF liaison and superman runner), my tummy might have done this to me because I kept over heating. I was over dressed. If that was it, lesson learned! I did have a kid home with a fever Friday and Saturday though, so there is a chance I had a mild version of his bug. In any case, running is something I love and racing is something I love. But I WILL drop a race when needed. Period.

On Friday night, I was going over what motivates me to race and hurt and try for crazy things, like records or wins when lots of proven runners are racing too. And I found my big motivation!!! It still gets me giddy and makes me want to go race again. I ran my first ultra because I really wanted to do something I had never done, to feel like I could be more then I am or do more then I ever have.  I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of crazy, cool, hard things. I wanted to run CrAzY. Toeing that starting line back then, I had no idea if I would finish in the given 24hour time limit. People told me I might not, and that this 100k was crazy hard. But I wanted to finish that thing crazy bad. I showed up, ready for the hurt and challenge, not putting thoughts into splits or times but running for the finish. And I got it! Now, while I never will take a finish as a given, I know I CAN finish. The crazy hard part comes in pushing and racing and trying to achieve new things in my running. So I want to run cRaZy. All the time! That’s how I run. 🙂

Whats next? Maybe Rocky Raccoon 100. Check it out!!

In closing, a couple pics. And if anyone who reads this sees me at a race, remind me to be cRaZy out there. And remember crazy is fun. At least when it comes to trail running. 😉

Larry Castillo (from Enduro Photo) captured this shot on the top of Sky Island. My smile is forced, as I felt like I was about to have an accident! Laughing at myself.

From Dave Salvestro's shot. See my full crew?!?! What a blessing. <3

From Dave Salvestro’s shot. See my full crew?!?! What a blessing. ❤