Time to get training!

Well, I didn’t run 50 miles at Brazos Bend. Truthfully, I plain didn’t want to race. The week leading up to the race I contemplated changing race distances to 50k. That’s what I wanted to do. I felt way under prepared for a 50 miler. And I like running the shorter stuff quite a lot. But I didn’t make the switch. I let myself be talked into staying in the 50 miler. Lesson learned! I need to be the one to pick my races. And if I want to have fun and do well, the only thing that will get me there is following my own desires with running. So I started this race Saturday morning thinking I could talk myself into racing. The first loop was fun. The second loop sucked. And then I dropped.

The race director did an awesome job with this race. The course was well marked, aid-stations nicely stocked and the volunteers were super helpful and friendly. If you don’t mind running in 100% humidity (no, it wasn’t raining….) then I highly recommend this race. Fast course. Beautiful sights. Well organized and lots of fun.

Sunday morning, I woke up a little after 7 and went for a 5.5 mile jog. My legs felt tired, but just fine.  On this run, I saw 7 alligators, 3 large wild hogs, tons of beautiful birds, a snapping turtle out for a walk and 2 full grown bobcats. It was spectacularly wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! Getting to see the bobcats made the whole trip worth it. I felt like the luckiest runner of the weekend, even though I ran 33.5 miles in a decently fast time and ended up getting a DNF. Just goes to show….GOD IS GOOD. ALL THE TIME. And I need to learn to follow my heart better. 😉

Run happy everyone!!!!!!


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