Bandera 50k 2012

I started out 2011 by running the Bandera 50k 100% untrained and unprepared. Some how, I put in a time that was good enough to win and sneak in under the previous course record. Thrilling! But I knew I could do better. For me, the desire to be my best drives me. It drives me to train hard, eat close to good (so much better then I could!) and race hard. It drives me to always be looking for ways to improve myself and set new standards for myself both on and off the race course- in all my life- from running to parenting to house keeping to training and helping anyone I can reach their personal goals in their life. This year, my desire to be my best had me thrilled to be racing the Bandera 50k with a water bottle and legs that were sore from all the miles I’ve run the past month. Yay to training!!!!!

I had a great year last year. I ran 5 ultras and won all 5, 3 in course record times. Very exciting for me. 🙂 This year, I want to be even better! Currently, my BIG goal is a top 10 finish at Western States this June. But it’s still not time to train for Western. Being I’ve never RACED 100 miles, I thought I should try to race a 100 before WS. I picked Rocky Raccoon, this February.  I’ve been training well for this 100 and I’m super pumped to race it in less then 4 weeks. Yippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figure the worst case is I come away with a load of things learned to get me thru WS. In order to keep focused, my coach and I decided the best thing for me to do 4 weeks out from Rocky Raccoon was race a 50k…then cover a few more miles after. I really wanted to race the 100k at Bandera this year, but I see the wisdom in not. And I am so glad I followed my coach’s advice and raced the 50k, now that all is said and done. Truly, I super wanted to race the 50k and the 100k for diffrent reasons.

I woke up Saturday morning wishing I had drunk one less glass of wine the night before, (lesson learned for RR!) and feeling super tight in my gluts and hamstrings. My glut/ ham area has been tight for 3 months now. But I am not injured. I think once I cut my miles back for more then a few days, this area will feel good, like the rest of me did Saturday morning.

When the race started, it was nice and cool out. Perfect really- not cold enough for gloves or long sleeves but far from hot. There was a nice cool breeze, too. Honestly, I can’t imagine expecting better weather then that in Texas in January. I’ve started that race in 8* and ran it in the 80’s, so I know better then to complain about the weather being 42-70!!

I ran the first few miles with a group of guys. When we were running down Boyle’s, the lead guy slowed quite a bit and we all formed a nice tight line. Being I love running down technical trail, I teased the guys about running slow. Honestly, I like teasing guys when I race. I’m not sure why, because I’d NEVER tease a girl like I do the guys, but I do enjoy how most guys respond by trying harder to kick my butt. 🙂 Nothing like a little friendly competition to get us all running closer to our best. 🙂 The guys let me by and we put in a few fast down and flat miles. When we got to the big nasty, they all passed me again.

I played back and forth with a few of those guys off and on thru most of the race. But I never saw the line leader for the downs again, until the finish line. 🙂

Unfortunately, on my way to Ice Cream Hill, I began feeling super duper nauseous. I slowed down and took a physical inventory. All of me felt good, except my hams/gluts and the blah tummy. When I got to Ice Cream, I tried to do my little granny jog that I always do up the hills in Bandera, but I couldn’t. The nausea and the backs of my legs were connected, so I backed off. Lucky for me, I could still run the downs and flats as fast as I felt like!

Because of my stomach, I had to stop taking Gu’s. This is the first time I can remember not being able to keep gu’s in, but being they weren’t staying down, I switched to Coke and Mountain Dew by the 2end aid station. Lifesavers!!

The rest of the race passed with me feeling better. Yippy!! Fizz, electrolytes and water, along with sodas had me feeling good again, though I still had to hike the ups (not normal for me!) I finished in 4:24:46 about 27 mins faster then last year, even though Joe added over a half mile to the course. Happy me. 🙂 And I am feeling sure that the tight legs can be taken care off. Massage, foam roller and then a big taper for Rocky Raccoon. I can hardly wait!!

Happy running all!