Wild Hare 50k 2011

Since Vermont 50 mile run, my legs have been in recovery. First, my quads were shot, then I had a hamstring problem, then my knee was hurting.  Very disappointing for me, because I was hoping to race a road marathon this fall. But no such luck. By early November, I knew a road marathon was out, as my legs were STILL feeling less then 100%. But maybe a trail 50k would be good. Running trails and running roads are so different on the body. I knew I couldn’t race fast on a road and stay uninjured, but I thought I might be able to run a fast trail 50k. So I decided to run Wild Hare 50k in Texas- A Tejas Trails race. The only bummer thing was that I hadn’t run long since Vermont.

As Joe likes to do, this year’s course was different then it had been in year’s past. The guy who won the 50k ran last year and he said this year this course is longer and has more hills. I LOVED this course. Super twisty thru the trees, a few nice hills, a lot of  “bump” hills (to make mountain bike’s fly), a little bit of technical, a couple “run” spots…all fun!

Saturday morning I woke up with tight legs. I think maybe I took Thursday’s fartlek run too hard. But that’s ok, really. I put on my race things and waited for the 7am start. When the race started, it was about 67 degrees out and 94% humidity. I really dislike humid, but weather is what it is.

The 50k started with a 1 mile loop, followed by 4  7.5mile loops to make 50k. I ran the first 8.5 miles in 1:06:?? and felt ok. By 8miles, I knew I wasn’t going to be running a fast 50k like I had hoped (my legs were already cramping), but the course was WAY fun, and I was happy to be out there running. I finished 16miles in 2:05:?? and felt 100% positive that trying to ever run a fast time in humidity, for me, was plain stupid. I spent lap 3 trying to just relax and enjoy the run. I had wanted to run fast, but I suck at running in humidity. Honesty, I run faster in dry heat then 70’s and humid. Not sure why, but my legs just don’t go well in humid!

When I started on my last lap (3:10 into the race), part of me was mad that I hadn’t pushed lap 3 harder and part of me was happy that I was able to really enjoy this race despite not having weather that I could run well in. I made a goal to run lap 4 faster then I had run lap 3 in.

I finished in 4:13:50, first female and 2end finisher. Thanks to the push I got from the guy right behind me, I ran lap 4 about 2 mins faster then lap 3. The best thing about this race for me is how great my legs are feeling. Surprising, because I had leg cramps from mile 8 to mile 31 (though they never got as bad as they do sometimes, thank God!) A perfect way to start my Rocky Raccoon 100 mile training.    🙂