World Championship 100k Team

So. I haven’t posted in a long while. And I have a lot of running news to write about. I’ll start with the good. I am on the USATF 100k team going to Gibraltar to run in the World Championship this November! The race is November 7th. I am so very excited about this! The opportunity to run in a race full of the worlds best runners just blows my mind. To be considered one of the USA’s top female athletes is something I still can’t grasp enough to feel comfortable saying I am. I feel so ordinary. Running is just a part of who I am. Something I love. It is crazy that I’ve gotten so good at it!

This brings me to the bad. I am injured. Biggest running bummer ever! My doc says I have a stress spot on my first metatarsal. Only he said that in, oh, August? Stress spots go away a lot faster then this injury is going away. I wore a boot for 3-4weeks (w/ NO running), and then did a little running to test it out…it was still hurt. I think it was (is?) fractured. I haven’t run AT ALL in 10 days, and won’t be running before I get to Gibraltar. But I have been putting my hours in at the pool. Sunday I pool ran 32 laps without an aqua jogger and then swam 50 laps. While running is much more fun, I am at least getting in some good workouts. My hope is that my foot will be healed by November. I won’t be trained, but I want to run. If my foot is 100% pain free, I’ll be running. If not…booooo. But I will get to go and learn. And enjoy. As badly as I want to run and run well, the truth is this is just not my year. Lord willing, I will get the chance to train hard and go again in the years to come. And maybe I will get to run this year. I hope.

Also, I want to encourage all ladies out there who really like racing for time to consider trying to get on the USATF 100k team. Because of injuries and/or life circumstances, the USA will have only 4 ladies running in the World Championship this year. And that is counting me! We are allowed to have 6 women running, and 6 would be so much better for the team!! If less then 3 finish, we can’t even place. If you want to give a road 100k a try, sign up for Mad City 100k, in April.  I KNOW we have more fast ultra road runners out there. And if you want more information on this, feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to talk you into trying. 🙂