Who wants to go for a run? I do! It is a beautiful breezy day here in the Denver area of Colorado.  I ran an easy 7 this morning. Then went and got a marvelously painful massage and treated myself to a Cobb  salad (no bacon) at Panera Bread. (Thank you Vanessa for that birthday present!!!!) Now I am sitting in my garage listening to Oldies and hoping people will come buy all the stuff we no longer want. In a few weeks we are moving (down the road), and hoping to move much less stuff to the new place then we currently have here. Having stuff sorta sucks!

Back to the running. These past few weeks have been a bit of a downer for me. All my key workouts have still been up to par, but I’ve had to drop a lot of miles and runs. 😦 I don’t like dropping runs. But I like being injured MUCH less. So I am trying to listen to my body and let it get back up to speed before I pill the miles back on. And really I have plenty of time to be in a low right now. My current hope is to be selected to race for USATF in the 100k World Championship this November. I qualified with a solid 8:18 100k run at the USATF Championships in Madison this past April. So we will see! The team in announced in August. If I am not picked, I plan on racing my tail off for the next few months to get on the team next year. 🙂 So either way, now is a good time to be down. And lucky for me, I am still running the fast stuff fast and the long runs still feel great!

So no second run for me today…but I wish there was!! Someone go run for me. 🙂


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