Run Dirty

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Run. Run far. Run fast. Run hard. Run until you fall and then get back up and Run. Let your legs burn, your chest burn, your side ache and your feet hurt. Let your heart quit and your brain curse you. But Run. Run. What is your passion? I mean, really. What gets your heart … Continue reading

Arkansas Traveler 2015

The Arkansas Traveler is a mostly rutty-type jeep road 100 miler with 7 or so miles of spectacular single track trail early on, and around 1200 ft of elevation gain. This isn’t one of the “hard” 100s but it’s no Rocky Raccoon either (and I don’t think RR100 is quite as “easy” as it’s reputation, … Continue reading

Hells Hills 50k, 2015

The last three races I’ve run, I’ve decided to run last minute. Why? Because my training is totally unfocused and funny right now. Why? Because I am not sure how to dial in for a race- what to train FOR. Yet I love to train. So I’ve been training, building speed and getting my miles … Continue reading

Nueces 50k, 2015

For fun 50k races are my favorite! “For fun” means it doesn’t involve tapering, planning or training like a “Race” would. A for fun race is a training run that’s a race.. All Fun!!!! :) And 50k’s are short enough to be much easier then 50milers. This adds to the fun for me big time. … Continue reading

Rocky Raccoon 100 2015

Rocky Raccoon 100 was a ton of fun. I can hardly believe it, but I ENJOYED that 100 mile trail race! I immensely enjoyed that trail race…almost every singe mile, on up to 100. This was way more fun then the last two 100s I did, and if my body would let me, I’d want … Continue reading

Bandera 2015

I’ve really dragged my feet with writing this. It’s like, what can I write? I ran 42.something miles and called it a day. The why? My tummy went bad. I made 2 potty stops in the trees between miles 31 and 36.5 and then another one before dropping at Chapas. I do not regret dropping, … Continue reading

Brazos Bend 50 miler, December 13, 2014

It was a warm, steamy morning when a couple hundred runners piled into the start area for the Brazos Bend 50 mile trail race. The sun was just rising, and pockets of musky smelling mist stuck to the ground. Mentally, I prepared for this race by saying, “Suck it up Princess and run” out loud … Continue reading