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Capt’n Karl’s 30k- Muleshoe 2014

There are many perks to being a runner in Texas. The weather is not one. Not at all. I kinda hate Texas weather a lot. Blah. Now that that’s out on the table, I’ll move on. Right now I am building a base. Just enjoying training and running and getting ready for Cactus Rose 50 … Continue reading

Texas Trail Running

Being a trail runner in Texas comes with a different set of requirements. We may not have snow or subzero temps, but we have other things to deal with. Like, summer is 9 months long. Our weather is either hot, humid, drought, flood or a nasty mix of the first two with one of the … Continue reading

There’s something special about Texas summer runs. The smell of hot dirt. The whiffs of Honeysuckle and Mountain Laurel, mixed with Oak Trees and Ceder. The hotter it gets, the sweeter the smells seem to be. The sun doesn’t hurt and burn as fast as it does in Colorado, but the heat here is more … Continue reading

Time to get training!

Well, I didn’t run 50 miles at Brazos Bend. Truthfully, I plain didn’t want to race. The week leading up to the race I contemplated changing race distances to 50k. That’s what I wanted to do. I felt way under prepared for a 50 miler. And I like running the shorter stuff quite a lot. … Continue reading

Hells Hills 50k, 2014

Yippy do da day!! I ran an ultra!! I ran an ultra in a tutu! I ran an ultra in a tutu and I won! I’m fairly excited about all 3 of these things for different reasons. This has left me  scatterbrained! I’ll start my tale with I ran an ultra. Back in 2012, I … Continue reading

Run Rabbit Run 100 2013

I was going to write my race report for Run Rabbit Run 100 last night. But after having been up for over 36hrs (and running for about 23 of those hrs), I was a bit afraid of what I’d go on record as saying to the world and went to bed instead. Now my thoughts … Continue reading

Nueces 50 miler, 2013

I love running. I love the feeling of moving over the ground, rocks and dirt underfoot, wind on my belly and sweat dripping down  my cheeks (face). I love feeling my legs work and filling my lungs with the smell of tress as my heart beat quickens. I love seeing the sunset (or rise). Sometimes, when … Continue reading