Run Like a Champion

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Hells Hills 50k, 2014

Yippy do da day!! I ran an ultra!! I ran an ultra in a tutu! I ran an ultra in a tutu and I won! I’m fairly excited about all 3 of these things for different reasons. This has left me  scatterbrained! I’ll start my tale with I ran an ultra. Back in 2012, I … Continue reading

Run Rabbit Run 100 2013

I was going to write my race report for Run Rabbit Run 100 last night. But after having been up for over 36hrs (and running for about 23 of those hrs), I was a bit afraid of what I’d go on record as saying to the world and went to bed instead. Now my thoughts … Continue reading

Nueces 50 miler, 2013

I love running. I love the feeling of moving over the ground, rocks and dirt underfoot, wind on my belly and sweat dripping down  my cheeks (face). I love feeling my legs work and filling my lungs with the smell of tress as my heart beat quickens. I love seeing the sunset (or rise). Sometimes, when … Continue reading

An Ode to Real

As a girl, I know that girls can be mean. I mean, Mean. Boys might be rough and tough. But girls are sneaky and conniving. Until moving back to Texas this past summer, I would have to say that almost all my close friends have always been boys. Now, though, I have added some ladies … Continue reading

Bandera 100k 2013

Bandera is special. My favorite race, and the only race I’ve run every year that I have been an ultra runner. This was my 1st ultra in 2007- the 100k. This year, for my 6th ultra runner birthday, I earned my 500k jacket, :) OH YAY!!! Haven’t taken it off much the last 48 hrs. … Continue reading


I’ve always had incredible balance. As a child I enjoyed seeing how many walk overs I could do on the curb outside of my house before falling off. And I excelled at the playground game of “spin as fast as you can for a minute and then run as fast as you can across the … Continue reading

Pinohti 100

How do you race a 100? Going into Pinohti, I wanted to figure this out. I came up with two possibilities for me. 1. Play it safe and bank on a strong finish 2. Run hard(ish) from the start and see what your made of by the end. Even as I stood at the start … Continue reading